Our Story

We set out to be the best online platform from the Maldives to lead the way to Online Travel Agencies and be a gateway into the Maldives.

Our mission

Our mission is to be your number one way to Click. Travel. Repeat.



Our partners range from guesthouses, hotels, resorts, and liveaboards, to excursion partners including diving, water sports, and many more.



Right now we are updating our inventory here at Touricon as all our partners now want to go online.



Currently, we are offering stays from over 101 islands here in the Maldives.



We have processed over 200 bookings and we are growing to serve our customers for the future.

"Here at Touricon we assist your visit into the Maldives the best memorable trip ever. Our team is dedicated to providing you the customer service you deserve. We are digitalizing the travel experience by being the Maldives first online platform to help you make bookings right into the Maldives as being a Maldivian Brand."

Click. Travel. Repeat.

Mohamed Adly

Chief Operating Officer